Internet of Things (IoT)

At Cicicom we explore the Internet of Things as an approach that alters and improves the ways products offer value. Successful IoT deployment hinges on finding the right strategy and business models to leverage the business value that smart, connected devices can create.



Our innovative products and technologies empower our customers to work smarter and make the world a more connected place.

After all, the Internet of Things isn’t about the things, it’s about new services enabled. The visibility and context enabled through sensors is powerful, transformative even. When we add sensors and connectivity to objects and products, we can interact with them. This allows the function of a product to transcend the product itself and enable entirely new service layers.

From LoRaWAN technology which is ideal to target battery operated sensors and low power applications as a complement to M2M cellular connectivity, to smart Grid for Municipalities and customized turnkey Projects, Cicicom’s solutions provide customers with significant advantages in performance, efficiency, design simplicity and connectivity.

At Cicicom, we are relentless in our commitment to excellence. Through the continual development of breakthrough solutions, engineering excellence, design simplicity and global perspective, we provide our customers with the ability to develop the leading solutions for a connected world.