Network Solutions



Cicicom has been creating complete, end-to-end networking solutions.  Switching, Wireless, Security, IP Surveillance, Storage and Management Solutions deliver best-in-class performance.

In the field of Corporate Networking Solutions, Cicicom implements and supports both conventional communication infrastructures LANs, WANs, Corporate Networks of Multiple Protocols, as well as Wireless Networks, Security Networking, Integrated Voice and Data Networks (Voice Over IP), Storage Networks, Optical Networks and Content Networks.



Cicicom provide a complete "one stop shop" for any business communication requirements, including:

• Wireless Networking

Expansion of an existing company network, within the premises or at remote facilities, in the most cost effective, secure and flexible way, without the delay, the expenses and the disruption caused by wiring

• Storage Networking

Flexibility and speed of information access, higher efficiency and lower cost in managing data.


• Telephone Systems- VoIP

An effective business telephone system is crucial for business success.
We believe that VoIP is the future of business communication. VoIP otherwise known as 'Voice Over Internet Protocol' enables businesses to make calls over a broadband line. We know how important it is for companies to reduce their spending and VoIP  provides free calls between workers in and out of the office.
Using VOIP not only reduces company outgoings it also enhances productivity throughout the organisation. VOIP makes it possible for home workers and multi-site businesses to communicate with one another over broadband with no additional costs. It also saves on costs with regards to the billing location as ONE bill will be sent to the main office for all sites and home workers.
In the past home workers have often struggled when communicating with colleagues back in the office and transferring calls has often been a particular problem. VOIP however provides homeworkers with the same features and benefits they would expect to find with an office telephone system, however from their home environment.
In terms of productivity, VOIP also enables businesses to monitor calls made to and from various offices and home workers, enabling managers to monitor the productivity of their employees.Cicicom offers a 'one stop shop' business telephony solution, providing hardware, installation, maintenance, reporting and marketing software. 

Having such a range of products permits us to cater for any of our customer's business telecommunications requirements

  One Telephone System, Multiple Features:
- Conference Calling: Speak to a number of colleagues and clients simultaneously from the desk – ideal for conducting business or client meetings.
- Call Transfer: Answer calls from any location in the world without the caller knowing.
- Phone Book with Caller ID
- Call Forwarding: Improve efficiency by forwarding the office calls to any other landline or mobile phone in the world.


• Lines and Calls
Save money on phone calls, and on line rental.
Cicicom works with customers to consolidate their line providers, which reduces associated costs and complexities.
Through a consultative approach, our in-house team of specialists ensure that each client receives the best-fit solution to achieve their objectives. By integrating voice and data, Cicicom can lower overhead costs and help the client to meet new workforce dynamics through reliable, business grade technology.


• Call Management
Cicicom provide a rich call reporting solution that empowers users to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and make informed business decisions within the workplace by extracting and manipulating the available data to provide intelligence statistics about their business.

• Call recording
Call recording is the ability to monitor and record calls from customers into the business.
Previously regarded as something that only big budgeted large organisations used to undertake, the ability to record calls is now being adopted throughout the SME market. The increased number of reliable and cost effective systems on the market means that call recording is now available to all.

• Video IP Surveillance
Through our chosen partner, Cicicom provides a range of services to the Video IP surveillance market. Our specialism lies in the provision of expertise and knowledge to both the IT/AV industry as well as the more traditional CCTV market.


Cicicom Solutions (products, equipment, software and services) increase productivity and at the same time reduce costs through the use of multiple communication channels and methods, providing unified control and management.

Cicicom provides integrated solutions for the transition to convergence technologies, as well as the implementation of services that can offer new services with reduced cost.