Smart Grid NMS


Our smart grid network management system.

Cicicom Smart Grid NMS is our smart grid network management system that controls the large numbers of communications nodes, devices and customers on a smart grid network. A utility can use the Cicicom Smart Grid NMS to effectively manage its smart grid distribution system, providing valuable information over a single communications network. We customize Cicicom Smart Grid NMS to provide utilities with the tools necessary to tailor their monitoring and processing and to act upon vast amounts of information on a real-time basis.

As a smart grid network management system, Cicicom Smart Grid NMS also provides the functionality to predict, and precisely control, the amount of data traffic to be used by individual devices and the communications network as a whole. Utilities can centrally distribute software updates communications nodes and other downstream devices.


Cicicom Smart Grid NMS has a simple to use, browser-based interface and supports auto-discovery of network resources, multiple networks, event logging, data collection, alerts, reporting, and multiple levels of users and security.

A smart grid network management system is critical for the successful implementation of smart grid initiatives. Thus, Cicicom Smart Grid NMS is designed to support multiple levels of scaling and is continually enhanced with additional features and functionality.