Telecom NMS

NMStelecompicOur telecom network management system.

Cicicom Telecom Network Management System provides a unified operational view that includes:

    • Network event management
    • Network performance management
    • Problem management
    • Network service reporting

The NMS gives our customers a common operational picture of the system and networkwide visibility into its operational performance.



The Cicicom Telecom Network Management System is the portal into the operational state of the telecom System. It provides integrated event resolution across the many network technologies and network services . It provides a centralized event management solution utilizing a common user interface to navigate through the array of networking equipment, alarms, and views .

Fault Management

The goal of fault management is to detect, log, notify users of, and (to the extent possible) automatically fix network problems to keep the network running effectively. 

Network Management Platforms

A network management platform deployed in the enterprise manages an infrastructure that consists of multivendor network elements. The platform receives and processes events from network elements in the network. Events from servers and other critical resources can also be forwarded to a management platform.

The following commonly available functions are included in a standard management platform:

Network discovery

Topology mapping of network elements.

Event handler

Performance data collector and grapher.