Cicicom is a company created from highly experienced motivated professionals that offers a broad range of products & services that include analysis of existing and future engineering needs, assessment of best alternatives and implementation of cost effective solutions.

Cicicom has successfully delivered projects on time, within budget and to the required quality, while maintaining focus on continuous improvement on internationally accepted standards.

Today, Cicicom delivers a broad portfolio of products and services to operators, enterprises and direct consumers, as well as partnering with equipment manufacturers and infrastructure providers within the ICT and energy sectors.



We focus on three important aspects of successful strategy:

  • Communicate our Vision
  • Coordinating and guiding supporting activities
  • Responding to new conditions over time

Our Customer-based strategy focuses on serving customer needs, with the assumption that satisfying customers will also maximize success in reaching our performance goals. Our Strategic flexibility give us the ability to respond to the unexpected.
This flexibility makes us not only responsive, but also proactive.
Our internal Control systems are based on defining and measuring key performance indicators (KPI) to gauge the success of our strategy execution.


Mission Statement

Our vision : To deliver our customers always the most effective business solutions in the Market.

Our mission : To serve our customers needs by delivering the most cost and time effective solutions in the Market and by ensuring quality and high performance.

CiciCom is a company created from highly experienced motivated professionals.

With a team of academic and industry experts in wireless, mobile and industrial networking we are ready to deliver results ,cost effective and time effective , by using our expertise knowledge and experience.


Customer Loyalty

Our clients includes ,service providers/operators, equipment vendors, SME's interested in using our products and services to provide their business with secure communications and make them more  efficient and more productive.

Building customer loyalty starts with understanding the customer:

  • Identify what matters most to customers
  • Design cohesive performance and brand standards
  • Align the organization around a shared vision
  • Measure performance and key customer touchpoints
  • Transform strategy into operational reality

Cicicom signifies stability, a solid presence and a reliable authority that our clients can depend on. We are absolutely and totally committed to make every project to be successful. Our approach combines research, consultancy, training and measurement to help our clients to achieve their targets and meet ther customer's expectations.


  • Quality

    Our clients tell us time and again that the quality of our consultancy services is what makes us stand out from the crowd - you can trust the quality of the service that we deliver.

  • Quality Objectives


    - Availability

    - Security

    - Safety

    - Reliability

    - Performance

  • Knowledge Management

    Approach to identifying, capturing, evaluating, retrieving, and sharing all of an enterprise's information assets.

  • ExpertiseMany years of engineering have seen us building our knowledge base and know-how across a wide range of industries.

  • Satisfied Customers

    Cicicom measures the Customer satisfaction levels by using survey techniques and questionnaires.