NB-IoT Water Meter

NB-IoT Water Meter

Product Details

NB-IoT Water Meter

NB-IoT Smart Water Meter provides information about daily water consumption.

  • MID Certified
  • Direct communication with base station through LTE/4G
  • Low power narrow band bidirectional communication (NB-IoT)
  • Open and close the valve from remote control center
  • Step valve closing
  • Contactless card usage ensures isolation against external effects
  • Cicicom Smart Grid platform ready
  • Complete management of the water consumption
  • Elimination of meter reading process
  • No meter dismantling because of the debts
  • Suitable for potable water
  • IP68 protected electronic circuit and mechanical meter
  • Check valve disabling bidirectional water flow
  • Fitting security cover and electronic sensor
  • LCD display with back-light
  • Suitable for cold water up to 50°C
  • All spare parts available
  • Leakage control system, 3 years of warranty

Wide Range

Narrow Band Cellular Connection

Long Battery Lifetime

Low Consumption

Narrow Band

Operation in licensed spectrum

MID Certified

Contact with drinking water

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