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Our mission is to serve our customers needs by delivering the most cost and time effective solutions in the Market and by ensuring quality and high performance.


Our vision is to deliver our customers always the most effective business solutions in the Market.


Founded in 2010, we are a company created from highly experienced motivated professionals  that offers a broad range of products & services. We have successfully delivered projects on time, within budget and to the required quality, while maintaining focus on continuous improvement on internationally accepted standards.


Our workforce has high scientific level and extensive experience in planning, organizing and managing large research and design projects, as well as developing and supporting software applications. It consists of scientists of various specialties, such as Engineers, Analysts-Programmers and has technical consultants, with MSc and Ph.D scientific level of training.

What We Do


We create solutions that work, engage and motivate. Our work approach is driven by a close collaboration between us and our clients, to create cost and time-effective solutions. Our clients’ specific needs, time perspective and expertise determines the way we build our solutions. Through our long experience, we understand the unique requirements of each client. We keep the big picture in focus – from start to finish.


We provide software development solutions that cover critical business operations, such as: Business Process Management, Enterprise Business Portals, Media Content Delivery, Identity Management.


We are pioneering a new generation of LP-IoT solutions based on Low-Power Wide Area Networks (LoraWan and NB-IoT) that provides powerful functionalities for data collection, monitoring, and insights generation for any asset, or across any industry. We are the only vendor that combines hardware sensors, software architecture, cloud services deployment, into a single all-in-one IOT solution.

Product Development

We develop our clients’ products from prototype to finished product. We also produce our own products and tools for the industry.

Project management

We manage projects from start to finish, taking overall responsibility both on our own projects and as a contracted project manager.


Design includes audits, design of networks, network planning, provisioning and planning of local installations, plus documentation.


We guide our clients through the construction phase, from methods and installation to regulations.


We document and provide documentation before work starts on a project and accumulate information in the form of construction of projects to completion of basis.

Quality control

We perform quality checks and inspections.

Our Technology

Low Power-IoT

  • LoRa WAN

    Using our years of expertise in the IoT technology, we have successfully designed, implemented, developed and currently monitoring fully customized end-end IoT solutions based on LoraWAN network protocol. Our solutions are smart, effective, innovative and fully tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our end-end total IoT solutions include the hardware setup (sensors, gateways) and a Cloud IoT platform – named Smart Grid – where all data from the sensor nodes are stored and managed in ways as to make statistic analysis and forecast. Using Lora, we provide solutions for:

    • Water Metering
    • Waste Management
    • Smart Parking
    • Smart Lighting
    • Smart Farming
  • NB-IoT

    Our IoT expertise also extends to include Narrow Band IOT (NB-IOT) technology, which belongs to the category of cellular IoT protocols. Our NB-IoT solutions address some of the issues of current technologies, such as poor reliability, poor security, high operational and maintenance costs and a complexity of network deployment. Keeping the customer – centric approach in focus, we design, implement and monitor NB-IoT full end-end solutions that include the cellular sensor nodes’ installation and the Smart Grid cloud platform, where all transmitted data are stored. Using NB-IoT protocol, we have implemented Smart Metering solutions and we are continuously focusing on the expansion of our NB-IoT portfolio on other areas.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy ( BLE )

    Through our strategic partnership with HID global and Bluvision, we provide fully customized solutions to our clients using the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol.  Our solutions are implemented after a thorough examination of our clients needs and specifications in order to provide smart, energy -efficient solutions for our customers, using a very high level of precision. Our implementations include: 1) The provision of the client’s premises, to ensure maximum efficiency, 2) The installation of necessary hardware, 3) The provision of installed devices and monitoring, 4) A could platform where the remote monitoring of devices and all respective data are stored and managed. Using BLE technology, we provide solutions:

    • Asset Tracking (personnel, equipment)
    • Real Time Location Systems (RTLS)
    • Proximity Location Systems (PLS)
    • Condition monitoring (equipment, machinery)

Software Development

  • Software Development Solutions

    We propose, develop and deliver powerful and cost – effective software solutions to our clients. We achieve this by:

    • Providing high quality services based on clients’ needs
    • Developing cost effective solutions by assessing the best alternatives
    • Analyzing existing and future engineering needs in technology sector
    • Investing in innovative technologies and partnerships

    Among the complete management solutions that we offer, are: Mobile applications in Android and iOS, Native applications, Customized mobile applications based on customer needs, Order Management and Routing Applications.

  • Software as a Service Solutions ( SaaS )

    To further enhance our strategy, we have incorporated the SaaS solution as a delivery model to our business applications. By doing so, we are able to meet the specific demands of our clients. Using our expertise, we have designed, created and currently managing various platforms hosted in the Cloud that serve our clients needs on demand.

  • Business Process Management Solutions ( BPM )

    We continuously strive to discover, design, model, execute, analyze, monitor and optimize automated business processes. In that regard, we create fully customized end – end solutions for our customers that include mobile applications and back-office management systems. We achieve this by effectively transforming the clients’ business needs into technical specifications to be integrated to our proposed solutions.

    Our BPM solutions offer various unique functionalities, tailored at the specific needs of our clients. So far, we have developed BPM solutions for super market chains, aircraft machinery companies, solar cell monitoring and smart metering. Our solutions include Content Management Systems (CMS) and Back-office management tools.

End to End Parking Monitoring Solutions

  • Applications

    A glimpse into the future of next generation smart city.

    Our solution offers real time monitoring of parking space occupancy and identification of vehicle/driver.


  • LoRa WAN & NB-IoT

    The Parking Sensors are available using IoT technologies such as LoRa WAN and NB-IoT (Q1 2020) networks .

Indoor Parking Solution

  • Applications

    Monitoring of indoor parking lots is made easier now using our web platform.

    Our solution offers real time monitoring of indoor parking lots, using smart sensors with occupancy light indication as well as VMS panels to direct drivers to high availability areas.


    • Shopping malls
    • Supermarkets
    • Airports
    • Any indoor parking lot
  • Advantages


    • Complete parking monitoring
    • Requires only power grid
    • Identify trends through sensor statistics
    • Light indications and VMS panels guide drivers to available spots
    • Reduce parking time significantly
    • Reduce traffic emissions inside the parking lot
    • Increase customer satisfaction

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