Smart Water Meter System

Our company has successfully implemented a fully customized end to end Smart Water metering solution based on LoRaWAN protocol, addressing issues in water consumption measurement and water resources management. By using certified water meters with wireless data transmission capability, operating at low -power and within wide ranges, our system has the following characteristics:

  • Integrated maintenance system
  • Remote control of water flow through valve, as well as other water resources, such as tanks, pump stations
  • Leakage Detection
  • Notifications of water consumption and leakage events
  • Data analysis / management and data statistics on Web portal

The architecture of our end-end customized Smart Water metering solution is depicted at figure above. All data transmitted from the sensors are gathered by our LoRa Gateway and forwarded to our cloud server for further processing and analysis. Those data are then managed and manipulated accordingly to provide useful statistical information on daily and monthly basis. Those data are available to our respective clients for observation and further processing, if required. Our Water metering solution uses specific algorithms to detect a leakage event, by analyzing consumption data sent from the sensors. In case of leakage detection, an alert notification is sent to the Smart Grid platform.

By integrating our Smart Water metering IoT solution to a water management network, the following benefits are realized:

  • Correct management of water resource
  • Leakage location and determination of dysfunctional water grids
  • Water quality and decontamination control
  • Prediction of various statuses in grid
  • Capability of modifying water pressure or immediate shut-down of water supply in case of malfunction / leakage
  • Water savings
  • Environmental protection

Smart Parking System

Cicicom’s Smart Parking System is a full end-end solution for the management and control of vehicle parking at corresponding parking spots.  Our solution includes:

  • Smart Parking sensors
  • Long-range network
  • Web Management Portal
  • Mobile apps (citizen app & police app

Cicicom’s LoRa Alliance certified parking sensor S-LG-I3 accurately detects parking events thanks to the triple detection technology and optimized algorithms and features a long battery life. Apart from detecting vehicles, it can also identify drivers/vehicles that bear one of Cicicom’s special identification tags.By distributing these tags to citizen groups that can park in specific spots (e.g.disabled, resident, VIP, etc), unauthorized occupations can be detected based on the presence of the proper identification tag in the vehicle. The solution can also distinguish parking violations for restricted (e.g. bus turns, disability ramps, fire hydrants, etc), time-limit and payment parking spots. All data regarding spot occupation, possible violations and statistics is accessible through the Smart Grid web monitoring app and can be supplemented by two mobile apps.Citizen app: allows citizens to find free parking spots, guides them there and allows payment through the app (for spots that require payment)Police app: informs Municipal police in real time about any parking violations and guides them to the spot to perform and inspection.

Indoor Parking Solution

Cicicom’s smart Indoor Parking Solution is an end to end solution which offers real-time monitoring of indoor parking lots but also greatly enhances the driver’s overall parking experience using occupancy light indications, VMS panels and a user-friendly mobile app.

The drivers can be directed to areas with high spot availability using the VMS panels or pinpoint free spots from a distance using the occupancy light indicators of the smart sensors. Furthermore, the parked spot is marked by the mobile app so that the driver can easily return back to his car.

This indoor parking solution is ideal for shopping malls, supermarkets, airports and any indoor parking lot, featuring complete parking monitoring while decreasing parking time and traffic emissions and increasing customer satisfaction. The whole system is managed by a user-friendly web platform and a mobile app which helps drivers find their way back to their parked car.

Smart Waste Management System

Cicicom Ltd has successfully created and currently monitoring a customized end-end Smart Waste Management Solution based on LoRaWAN protocol, offering approximately 20-40% reduction of waste collection cost. Through waste fill percentage real-time data analysis, a drastic improvement of waste collection in terms of time is achieved, along with and a corresponding improvement of collection routes.  Our system has the following characteristics:

  • Smart, wide ranged and low – powered Waste Management System
  • System based on LoRaWAN IoT protocol.
  • Monitoring bin status in real-time using sensor equipment (ultrasonic sensor)
  • Data upload to our secure Cloud Server for further processing and analysis
  • Data analysis and management, statistical data, smart vehicle route calculation and saving of resources

The architecture of our end to end customized Waste Management solution is depicted at figure below. All data transmitted from the sensors are gathered by our LoRa Gateway and forwarded to our cloud server for further processing and analysis. Those data are then managed and manipulated accordingly to provide useful statistical information on daily and monthly basis. Those data are available to our respective clients for observation and further processing, if required.

At our Smart Waste Management solution, we are using our ultrasonic sensors to effectively and accurately measure the waste fill percentage of trash containers. So, we are sending the trash level of a container in order to calculate the fill level. In real conditions, the distance from the sensor to trash can vary due to trash shape and orientation inside the container. In order to address this issue, we have developed a specific algorithm to determine if a measurement is correct. By the use of this algorithm, we can detect whether a measurement is unreliable – in this case, the measurement is marked and a specific indicator is sent to the data management system. By that logic, our algorithm is designed to send specific indicators for the following scenarios:

  • Open cover of container
  • Unreliable measurement
  • Battery warning

Figure below depicts an example on how our Waste Management System solution provides a drastic improvement of waste collection in terms of time and a corresponding improvement of collection routes. By carefully monitoring the waste fill percentage, a 60% reduction of collection is achieved (waste collection improvement) by covering 52% less distance (collection route improvement).

Smart Grid Portal

As a part of our offered IoT end to end total solutions, our company has developed a Smart Cloud IoT platform, named Smart Grid. Smart Grid is the end point of our IoT architecture solutions, in the sense that all data transmitted by the sensor nodes and forwarded by the gateways are gathered there. After the gathering step, the data are processed, managed and used to extract useful statistical data to our customers. Smart Grid also provides the functionality to predict and precisely control the amount of sensor data to be used by individual devices and the communications network as a whole. It has a simple to use, browser-based interface and supports graphical data representation of sensor measurements in real-time, event logging, data collection, alerts, reporting, and multiple levels of users and security.

The main characteristics of Cicicom Smart Grid are:

  • User – friendly menu
  • Data Analysis
  • Graphical data representation
  • Full data history log
  • Alert Notifications

At the moment, Smart Grid IoT Cloud platform hosts and manages various IoT projects that have been implemented by our company, such as Smart IoT Waste Management, Smart IoT Water metering and Smart IoT Parking.

Smart Grid platform supports the following functionalities regarding the Waste Management solution:

  • User friendly menu
  • Notifications
  • Real -time data on waste fill percentage and sensor operating status
  • Waste bin and sensor data info
  • History log
  • Capability of containers customization and display on a map
  • Waste fill prediction
  • Statistical Data analysis
  • Dynamic route calculation of waste to be collected

Regarding the Smart IoT parking solution, Smart Grid uses a dashboard that graphically represent a parking event in real-time. As a functionality of the dashboard, a vehicle icon appears on top of every occupied parking spot and similarly, every vacant parking spot is visualized by an empty spot. For every parking event, a signal is sent from the respective parking sensor and the main dashboard is graphically updated in real time when a vehicle enters or leaves a parking spot. Moreover, Smart Grid calculates and depicts other relevant data, such as occupation status of parking spot, time of occupation / vacant, occupation counter per day, parking sensor status etc.

Finally, Smart Grid platform supports the following functionalities regarding the Water metering solution:

  • User friendly menu
  • Notifications in case of failure
  • Real -time data on water consumption on daily basis
  • Water meter and sensor data info
  • History log
  • Capability of remote operation of water meter valve (opening, closing), without the need of personnel presence
  • Leakage Detection
  • Statistical Data analysis

As we constantly expand our IoT expertise, portfolio and clientele, the Smart Grid is easily expandable to host other IoT solutions, such as Smart Lighting, Smart Farming, Weather Monitoring etc.

  • Well planned Info Architecture

    Our Smart Grid information is organised and presented to ensure of good usability to our clients. Our menu sections and categories are designed carefully and present information in a way that it is easy for our customers to find. We do this by inserting every feature and functionality, having the perspective of our client’s in mind.
  • Effective Navigation

    Our Smart Grid IoT platform is precisely designed to help our customers navigate easily and time-effectively.

  • Mobile compatibility

    Our Smart Grid portal is easily accessed on mobile phones and other devices.

  • Fast load times

    Smart Grid applies available methodologies to ensure that the response of the platform is quick and reliable; in that regard, we do not use third-party applications and plugins that affect the response speed of the platform.