About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of highly experienced motivated professionals that offers a broad range of products & services and combines rich and successful professional careers in Greece and abroad.We have accumulated scientific knowledge, experience and know-how in various areas of activities such as programming, organizing and managing major projects of organizations and businesses.  Using that experience and expertise, we:

  • Provide high quality services based on clients’ needs
  • Develop cost effective solutions by assessing the best alternatives
  • Analyze existing and future engineering needs in technology sector
  • Invest in innovative technologies and partnerships


Our workforce is of high scientific level and has extensive experience in planning, organizing and managing large research and design projects, as well as developing and supporting software applications. It consists of scientists of various specialties, such as Engineers, Analysts-Programmers and has technical consultants, with MSc and Ph.D scientific level of training. Our main characteristics are the great interest in the subject of our activities, our flexible organizational structure and our competent and active human resources.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To deliver our customers always the most effective business solutions in the Market.

Our Mission

To serve our customers needs by delivering the most cost and time effective solutions in the Market and by ensuring quality and high performance.

Our Values

Our guiding principles that govern our operations in business are governed by commitment to: Innovation, reliability, loyalty to customers, efficiency, consistency and an open-mind approach, in order to be not only reactive to business developments and trends, but also proactive.

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